MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on DA looking into Beaudreau's expense reports

I have had a theory for a long time that I believe applies to this very situation.

It is "VERY OFTEN" the "MOST GULITY" that do the accusing simply because they know first-hand what crimes they themselves are capable of and have habitually committed on a regular basis. Making such malicious accusations is even easy for these sadistic beings because they lack a certain element of humanity and Godliness.

That's the best logic for the Joe Newton's, George Anderson's, and other less notable cowardly bloodsuckers of this breed.

This breed of liars who feed off of making up stories and conspiracies in an effort to destroy the lives of good public servants who have dedicated their careers to making a difference in their communities; and at a great sacrifice if I may so add.

Whether the accusations made are truthful or not is absolutely irrelevant to the game that these witch-hunters set-up to play; the witch-hunter's only goal is to devastate its target's consciousness, fracture its target's spirit and destroy its target's will.

Sometimes these bloodthirsty sadists are successful and drive their targets into seclusion, and sometimes their targets fight back.

Cambridge Psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, said, "people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."

I hope Mike Beaudreau fights back, and fights back hard!

You have my full support Mike! Thank you for your great service to Gwinnett County and especially my District!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Police shoot shoplifting suspect after struggle

"Richardson had "no known address," Hedley said. Gwinnett County jail records showed no previous criminal record, as did a Georgia Department of Corrections search."

"Just before 2 p.m. Monday at the store at 5279 Lawrenceville Highway, Richardson reportedly put the frozen pizza under his shirt and was caught by employees. A responding officer asked employees if they wanted to prosecute and they said they did because they were "tired of him coming in multiple times," Hedley said."

So this violent shoplifter who was shot in the face and the chest had no prior criminal record, and the Family Dollar staff were simply just "tired of him coming in multiple times".

This just doesn't sit right with me. Did the officer really have to shoot him twice to subdue him? I think that is a perfectly legitimate question. How much force is enough and how much force is too much? Perhaps this man just reacted reflexively at being tased or hurt. Do you know how you would react at the possibility of being tased?

I don't mean to demean the officer - I really don't. I know what they face everyday. But what about aiming for the shoulder to disable the "tasing or shooting arm", or taking out the ankle to bring a suspect to their knees". Based on circumstances, do they always have to shoot to kill?

Over a pizza? Like the article said, shoplifters don't even usually go to jail..


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Police shoot shoplifting suspect after struggle

My heart breaks over this situation. It is tragic in every aspect. Apparently the shoplifter has a history at this store, but it didn't seem to be one of a violent nature (based on what is reported in this article), until this confrontation. Very sad.

I'm not condoning the theft; I'm not. But it's not like he was stealing stereos or x-boxes. It was a pizza. A situation gone horribly a wry over a stupid stolen pizza....


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Public input coming Thursday on toll extension

GDOT holds PIOH (Public Information Open House) meetings because they are required to do so ( and for that reason only most likely. I believe the reality of it is that GDOT pretty much has as much authority to do exactly what they want to do, despite public desire and outcry. If they want to build a highway through the middle of your neighborhood, I don't think there is much stopping them.


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Mayor objects to councilman's leave of absence

"Crist said the council bylaws do not appear to address this kind of situation"

Okay - before we tar and feather this guy.... open your minds just a bit.

Based on the Mayor's quote I referenced above, it seems that the council's rejection of Wight's resignation may have been based on administrative reasons - for now. That's not to say that the resignation can't be accepted at a later date. To wit, Wight can also refund a portion of his salary as well.

These are all issues that can be worked out. There's no need for all the ruckus (Mayor and council included).

As for Wight - I believe he took office about two years ago, not just this November. So cut him a bit of a break. I'm also sure he didn't "plan" on his recent divorce. So perhaps he is dealing with it the best he can. I don't think it is our place to make judgments about his personal life or how he may be dealing with an unexpected personal crisis.

I met Mr. Wight when he was running and he seemed to have good intentions. It seems his life has taken some unexpected turns, so perhaps he is making a few adjustments.

Maybe you would too!

Okay, my lunch break is over now... getting back to work. Cheers everyone!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on County expects thousands to appeal value due to new car title tax

People will still move to Georgia. Do you really think that the majority of people check out the "title" tax laws before moving to a new state?

SC has a $300 flat rate tax on new auto sales. That's the way to do it.

Perhaps it is a small blessing that I just spent $2500 on my 2004 Envoy, rebuilding the transmission along with replacing a few other of its inside parts. It should go another 10 years now!

I'd rather put that money in the small businesses that worked on my car instead of the government that just keeps kicking my "broke" butt!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 5 months ago on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Goodbye, Dad.

Our "daddy's" are very special. Lovely memorial. Many prayers to you and your family.


MichelleCouch 2 years, 5 months ago on Lawsuit lingers in ’08 shooting

It would certainly seem that the City of Duluth was negligent in hiring an unstable individual as a police office. Don't they go through extensive psychological testing? Isn't that a requirement?

The City of Duluth issued this "off-kilter , off-duty" officer the firearm in which he utilized to shoot and harm this decorated police officer for absolutely no reason (who was also working an off-duty assignment at a public school) - so you are darn right they are responsible for monetary damages to him and his family.

What is happening here at the hands of this "crafty" judge his loop-hole way around a jury-trial is a pure travesty!