MichelleCouch 2 years, 1 month ago on Patch begins lay-off process with few local cuts

Patch is - was in the beginning to be a hard core news driven site - that is not a virtual business if it is to be done properly. Newspapers, hard copy and online takes an editor-in-chief, assignment editors and free-lance editors (who are now also doing the multi-tasking of photography and videoing)... NEWS IS FIELD LABOR-INTENSIVE.... not virtual!

Patch's technology is first-rate and also labor-intensive. The upfront investment was millions.... the back-end advertising sales which is to support the venture is not coming through.

Now for the second bit of bad news.....

In publishing.. and yes, news papers, magazines... all fall under the realm of publishing; re-designs are usually the kiss of death!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 3 months ago on Snellville adds PIO position, pay raise to budget

The Public Information Officer position is not related to the police department. It is a communications position related to public relations/media relations. Most Gwinnett cities have some type of public relations/communications management position. This has been needed in Snellville for quite some time now. It's a wise move!!

The entire council seemed very pleased with the budget process this year. To wit, pending the tax digest this year, the budget actually includes a small mil rate reduction.

Good news for residents!!!

Well done!!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Woman arrested at Parkview graduation after fighting with cops

Haughton, - I have no criminal record to journey back from; I've never been arrested, and have always maintained a full time professional career. I do a great deal of charity work and have always been a productive member of the non-criminal society.

I am not supporting bad, unacceptable behavior. However, I do try to exercise empathy and fairness as opposed to hatred and disgust for the less than perfect element of our society.

I simply expressed a viewpoint, which as you pointed out, is what people do here.

I appreciate every poster's comments..... The context of my comments were not intended to be judgmental of anyone here. If that is how it was perceived then I sincerely apologize for that.

What happened at the graduation ceremony was clearly unfortunate for a day that marks such a wonderful milestone in an young adult's life.


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Woman arrested at Parkview graduation after fighting with cops

Just a reminder - innocent until proven guilty and justice is blind. I hope that all sides of this story will be considered at trial, including the video that will most likely be one of the most important forms of evidence.

Never judge anyone by a police report, past criminal history, or their appearance. In fact, lets leave the judging up to God and those individuals who sit the bench - who don't necessarily get it right, all of the time (meaning Judges, not God).

I do not know this woman and will not persecute based on what I have read. People can change. May she has, maybe she hasn't; but people can improve themselves. However, if society is always persecuting, judging and damning the individual, how will the motivation to change ever occur; how will even a spark of the right will take place?

If any of the posters here with ugly comments sit in church on Sundays as a Christian, maybe rethink your hurtful words and pray for this person instead of persecute.

Just my very humble reaction to this thread.


MichelleCouch 2 years, 4 months ago on Autopsy: No 'medical event' in truck driver's salon crash

If he had a mild to moderate, neurological, seizure - would that necessarily show up on an autopsy?

My son and I both have had series of seizures, but every test performed (excluding an autopsy of course) turned up normal... they never determined why the seizures happened.

So if this gentleman had the same type of seizure, would it even be determined by autopsy? Just raising the question; I'm no doctor, nor do I play one on TV...


MichelleCouch 2 years, 5 months ago on BOC, residents discuss Gwinnett's issues, concerns

I am so "over" the tax-negative apartment argument. I (formerly) lived in Tree Corners of Grayson and had a beautiful 1800 square foot town home. It was larger than my single family home. I would have stayed there forever if I could have continued to afford it (on a special my rent was $1300/market was $1580); however, when the economy declined, as well as my business, lets just say I have moved six times in two years, and now share a very old house with two roommates.

Tree Corners, as well as several other well developed apartment/town-home communities, are no more tax-negative than 150K+ single family cluster home communities.

Communities needs diverse housing - INCLUDING MULTI-FAMILY options - to attract various demographic markets to help drive a wide range of economic development factors!


MichelleCouch 2 years, 5 months ago on Stalemate continues in Snellville

Karl, I am confused also about the pending litigation. Did or is Kautz appealing Judge Hamilton's verdict????


MichelleCouch 2 years, 5 months ago on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Grease + muscles + fireworks = money

I remember sending my former husband out among the crazy crowds at Toys-R-Us on Christmas Eve for a WWF or WWE (back then) promotional toy, "Bash'n Brawlers".

They were these doll-like figures that you slam-n-bam, and they would make sounds and say phrases based on what body part you would land on. My son wanted one so badly.

So I also remember getting the phone call from my husband, "honey! I have saved Christmas!!!! I got Sting and - I can't even remember the other one that he was able to grab when the sales clerk put out a last batch around 4pm on Christmas eve. I was so excited.

But having a son growing up in the 90's, the WWF and the WWE, Monday Night RAW and Wrestling Pay-Per-View events were a huge deal at our home. The Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie and the marriage to Triple-H made wrestling history... it had all become a soap opera!

We even went to a WWF or WWE event at the dome and my son got his photo taken with the gorgeous babes - which ever crew they belonged to.

But I remember as a child, my cousin's grandmother, Gunger, sitting right up to the TV, watching wrestling, cheering Rick Flair, The Nature Boy, on, yelling, get'em, get'em.... talk about a scream of a memory.... but she loved her wrestling....

I think there is just something about it....that captures us all in some way....lol


MichelleCouch 2 years, 6 months ago on Former commissioner: southern Gwinnett needs attention

At one point not so, so long ago there was a merchants association in Centerville that actually formed to address some of the issues (crime) that were concerning the business community on that side of the South Gwinnett area. There were some law enforcement officers involved that met with the group regularly, etc. One of the former Evermore CID board members was a participating member. A Loganville City Council Member also participated (Dan Curry, I think). I attended once or twice and it was a good group, trying to address some of the problems that were taking place.

I lived in that area in the mid 90's til 2000 and for about six months during that last half of 2011, to Feb-2012. There are beautiful residential areas of Centerville and that region of South Gwinnett.