Meandmyboys 2 years, 9 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

It's been a pleasure reading everyone's reply, what great support for our Falcons. I think any entry, lucky enough to be picked, will represent the Falcons and fan base well, RISE UP FALCONS!

Growing up in a household full of boys, it didn't take long for me to obtain a love of sports, especially football. We all had our favorites, my Dad and 4 brother's love of the Redskins, two other brother's love for the Cowboys, one brother's love for the Eagles, and then there was me. I'm not sure why I strayed from the rest, maybe to stand out on my own or because I have good taste ;-), but I did and it has always been the Falcons for me, win or lose. When I married my husband, who was always a KC fan, there was so much excitement in our house when the Falcons got Gonzalez, he was converted! :-) Now we are raising 2 boys who love and appreciate the game, especially our Falcons.

I love watching their excitement, the dancing, yelling, cheering, etc..., when they are watching the Falcons on TV, I mean isn't that what it's all about? It would be a dream of all of ours to take them to a real live game. I would love to finally answer my 6 year old when he ask, "When can we go see them for real?" with today, we're going today! It would be one of those moments that would require the camera rolling. I can guarantee you if we are chosen, we will be the loudest section in the Dome.

Good luck everyone and Go Dirty Birds - Time to RISE UP!