Maur7 3 years, 1 month ago on A year later, few answers in mother's mysterious death

It is an extremely sad day in many ways. First, this family and her friends lost a wonderfully, dynamic person. She is missed and the fact that her girls don't get to spend time at all with their grandparents is simply another tragedy. Many events in this case make no sense at all. The police were barely involved until her body was found. Afterwards, their investigation seemed more like a routine process than a true desire to find out who did this. The last person to see Nique was her husband. They were having many problems and why Matt's father was not questioned is beyond my comprehension. Her husband didn't even participate in the search for her. Why? At the very minimum, someone that was in that house knows something. I hope to God it's not her daughters. Sad day and an even tougher week. My heart goes out to her family and those poor girls. The truth always has a way of coming out. I really hope Gwinnett County does not give up on this case. I must believe justice will be served.