MTG 2 years, 7 months ago on Bus stop scofflaws draw parent, police ire

Some of the problems are that some of the rules of the road no longer fit public school system rules. For example at Satellite Blvd and Club Drive, West Bound you have several apartment complexes that have stops on Satellite Blvd.

This is a five lane road at this point and all five lanes must stop when the school bus stops, yet Gwinnett County as well as any other school system in Georgia would not allow a child even under these circumstances to cross 5 lanes of traffic to reach a school bus.

I think if you asked any school official or police officer the code could be amended to include not only a divided highway but a road of 4 lanes or more when divided by a turn lane can pass when the bus is on the opposite side of the turn lane. I don't think this would cause any child safety issues and help keep traffic moving.