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Being A True & Loyal Falcons Fan Is Someone Who Is Loyal And Faithful Whenever The Falcons Are Stuggling Or Having A Great Season. Also A True Falcons Fan Doesn't Say Things Like "They" Are Bad, Or Say 'We" Are Good. And Doesn't Jump On The Bandwagon When The Falcons Are Having A Great Season. Or Jump Off When They Are Stuggling. A True Falcons Fan Can Always Remember The Former Flacons Players like Bubba Bean Or Jeff Van Note Or Jessie "The Hammer" Tuggle By Sight And Saying To Them Thanks For Being Part Of The Falcon Family. And Finally A True & Loyal Fan Can Remember Standing Out In The Georgia Heat To Watch The Falcons Summer Practice At The Old Suwanee Camp Or At The New Flowery Branch Camp And Thank You Falcons For The Great Memories. That Is Why I Proudly Call Myself A True & Loyal Atlanta Falcons Fan. Thank You Goes Out To All Of The Atlanta Falcons For A Great Season.. Go Falcons Go.