Local50 3 years, 11 months ago on Judge rules in Gwinnett service dispute

I wish people would quit creating this animosity between county and city police. I am a county Officer myself and I can tell you that all these negative comments towards either side does not help. I have friends in other departments and they are just as much a brother officer as other county officers. I can say myself that I have been backed up by city Officers plenty of times when they are closer and have never had an issue. Trust me, when you need back up you do not care what uniform they are wearing. To the city Officers that read this just remember that the people who are complaining about city police or county police are the same people who have never wore the badge and do not have a clue about the job. To all of my fellow Officers stay safe and I want to remind you all that we need to stick together no matter what agency we work for. In the crazy world we live in today more then ever we need to look out for each other whether we at GCPD, Lawrenceville Police or whoever. I can say myself if I am on or off duty and see an Officer in need I can assure you I'm not looking to see what agency patch the Officer is wearing to make my decision to help.