LilburnsFuture 1 year, 11 months ago on Leaders call for sales tax referendum in November

Please show me where this statement is a fact

Remember folks lot of people in Gwinnett pay no property tax.

It's likely they are paying through their rent. If they are not, they should be treated equally and pay.


LilburnsFuture 1 year, 11 months ago on Lilburn listed as No. 5 best affordable place to live, Suwanee also recognized

Lilburn should not spend the money that Suwanee does simply because they do not have residents who want that much development or the tax revenues. However, they should strive to grow in that direction. Which means eventually including the development of middle to higher end shopping centers, recreation (not a big league overly expensive little league park), and restaurants.

Lilburn should ensure that Gwinnett County does not add another Wal-Mart in 10 mile proximity or immediately sue the county if so. There is a Wal-Mart between Lilburn and Stone Mountain, between Lilburn and Snellville, and a new one going in between Lilburn and Norcross.

Finally, as more residents move into Lilburn to avoid commuting through the HOT lanes heading downtown, a stronger police presence should help to keep the area safe and secure.


LilburnsFuture 1 year, 11 months ago on Officials hope Walmart helps rejuvenate area near Norcross

Bad News first: yet another Walmart in south Gwinnett. The Good News: at least this will drive away the temporary parking lot six flags wanna be fair.


LilburnsFuture 2 years ago on Zimmerman juror: He "got away with murder"

A picture paints a thousand words. There is great wisdom in sequestering the jury during a trial. I have to hand it to the founders of the court system in this country. Unforunately, there is justice in the media and there is justice in the courts.

I found this comment interesting. Because if you look at the interview you will also notice that the Juror is also part black. Regardless, it must be said that all the jurors said they set aside their feelings and made their decision based on the evidence - which is what the jury is supposed to do.

The woman, identified in court as juror B29, who is part Hispanic, said she would have liked to convict Zimmerman of murdering Martin but said her hands were tied by a lack of evidence

Behind the Juror B29 Interview


LilburnsFuture 2 years ago on ROBINSON: Denied the right to be young

To put this trial into perspective of the Jurors, one only needs to ask one thing. What if George Zimmerman was a woman? All of the jurors except for the back up, were women. Each woman only had to imagine if a man, any man or woman was on top of them beating them regardless of the events leading up to it what would they find reasonable. If they had a weapon, they would use it to defend themselves and end a fight.

If you grew up in the hood, you know there is what is called skreet justice. The use of k is intentional. It refers to a different kind of hood world and justice associated to it. Gangs are notorious for not asking who is really at fault. They simply say, you get my guy, I get one of yours. Usually, they wonder into territory they are not supposed to.

With that being said, skreet justice would say that Trayvon was heading to his house but not through any other gang territory. This is why so many are upset.

What happened to Trayvon is a very sad tragedy. What will happen to Zimmerman will be equally so if not worse. The difference is that Trayvon will be remembered as a kid who will rest in peace. Zimmerman will never find peace until his end. Until then he will be looking over his back as well as his entire family.

To conclude, skreet justice HAS been served not in the way you think it is. One will rest in peace the other will know he is doomed to fear for his life and the lives of his family like everyone else that lives in a gang controlled neighborhood.


LilburnsFuture 2 years ago on Atlanta Mayor releases statement on Zimmerman verdict

You can replace 17 year old with a 17/18 year old freshman.

I find it troubling that a Georgia State or Georgia Tech student cannot walk to a corner store for candy without putting his [or her] life in danger.

The death of Trayvon Martin is an absolute tragety. What is also sad is that both felt that they had to resort to violence.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 1 month ago on 2 women charged in alleged illegal day care

Thank you Lilburn PD (and parent) for checking up on the neighborhood. It's one of those jobs that they do not get thanked often enough.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 1 month ago on KING: Will Georgia's U.S. Senators vote 'YES' on amnesty again?

It's not 'ridiculous' when most are caught when they are violating traffic citations in the first place.

What most people are truely upset based on what's mentioned over and over is that they do not pay enough into the system. Pay a fine, pay into the system. That's it.

Using drunk driving to relate to illegal immigration is like comparing apples with oranges. They are not endangering themselves property or someone else by 'breathing' in the united states.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 1 month ago on KING: Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill like 'a mackerel in the sunshine'

We are spending too much time looking at the cart instead of the horse. There are college educated non-legal students here ready to work cheaper than legalized americans. How could this be?

The cost of a college degree far exceeds it's worth in some areas. Corporate businesses are also looking to reduce their largest expense (not asset) their employees. They hope to accomplish this by allowing highly motivated and educated non americans work.

Taxes to hire legal americans are too high. So, businesses ask the government permission to hire newly legalized immigrant computer programmers instead of of legal americans who want higher wages (to pay for their huge college loans).

While I support the President I now realize that if he signs this, he was encouraging young americans to go to college, then taking the rug underneath them to hire college educated newly legalized immigrants. Do you really believe there is much tax revenue to be gained by hiring illegals at minimum wage??

Before one accuses me of being anti immigrant, it is hard to say that being that I am the very product or immigration done legally. I fully support strengthening the border. However, I have no faith that congress or the executive branch will go against the wishes of special interest and keep those borders closed to illegal immigrants.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 1 month ago on 75 percent of SPLOST proposal could go to transportation

I was just as curious, but thought I would reassure pondering that the squeaky wheel gets the grease with respect to the code violation. Regardless, the new city hall rant is one of the oldest and silliest rants in existence. Lilburn's latest design was scaled down from a single entity to a shared complex with a Library (which is actually a worse compromise).