Lalalala 1 year, 6 months ago on Attorneys appeal Settles Bridge Farm case before Supreme Court

It doesn't matter that Settles Bridge originally planned on developing a subdivision. They did what they were supposed to do to move forward in that direction, then a Representative of the City of Suwanee showed Notre Dame Academy this property as a potential piece of land suited for their use which would make Settles Bridge more money. There's nothing wrong with changing your plans to make more money. Settles Bridge was doing everything they were supposed to do. The moratorium was enacted specifically against THIS development because there were no other applications to the City at that time. They had no other reason to enact a moritorium at 5PM on a Friday other than to "head this off." I live near Suwanee and I love the community. They do a lot of things right. However, as a juror on this trial and after hearing 4 days worth of testimony, Suwanee just plain screwed this one up. I hope the Supreme Court rules in favor of Settles Bridge.