Khari 3 years, 5 months ago

Whitney's passing was another of those "I'll always remember where I was when I heard" moments.

My favorite Whitney memory was her titular role in "The Preacher's Wife." She and Denzel Washington and Courtney B. Vance were good together.

I remember reacting with incredulity and a bit of horror when I heard she was hooked up with Bobby Brown. What was a nice girl like her doing with the supposed "bad boy" of New Edition? Or messing with such a younger man in the first place?

As it maybe turned out, perhaps her good-girl image was just that — an image — and the wild lady we saw later really WAS the real Whitney. We'll never know for sure on this side.

Someone said something else, too, remarking on her final days and how being in the spotlight seemed to wear and weigh on her: That there's something rather dehumanizing about stardom; that not everyone can handle it, and that maybe that's why so many celebs end up self-medicating in harmful ways.


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