Kay1 2 years, 8 months ago on Boy threatens to kill classmates with knife

Not sure what is going on with GCPS system... My son (in elementary school) was threatened to be stabbed by a 4th grader a couple months ago on the bus. This kid told him he would bring a knife to school and cut his throat... I contacted the police and was referred to the "school police officer" due to it being their jurisdiction. I then called the GCPS transportation department and the school principle. Conclusion - this kid got ONE day off the bus and ONE day of in-school suspension. Oh, and that's only because he admitted to threatening my son. If he had lied about it, nothing would have happened (per the principal). The kid is still on the bus... at least they listened when I requested that he be moved to the front of the bus instead of my son. Gee Thanks! I guess when this kid attacks somebody, maybe they will re-think their policy.