JustPlainOldBob 3 years, 2 months ago on Shirley Lasseter -- Rise and fall of a down-home dignitary

All involved should be investigated, if enough evidence, charged, and given a fair trial. This is how it should be done. Mr. Porter needs to go for Kenerly with a gusto and it befuddles me that Bannister got off by walking away.

My family was a 4th generation plus Gwinnett family dating back to formation of Gwinnett. We moved out of the county and up the road so to speak. Guess what? It is just as corrupt, good ole boy system, and reminds me of the rural days of Gwinnett and later when Gwinnett really started to grow. We let them get away with it and it continues today. The problem with apathy is no one cares.

Why does anyone feel sorry for these dirt bags? Lies, corruption, and DRUG DEALERS, my gosh wrong is wrong is wrong.