JimmyOrr 3 years, 5 months ago

The estimated cost to replace the bridge over I-85 at Jimmy Carter Blvd. would be $79 million dollars which includes total lane replacement from 8 lanes to 11 lanes. The cost of the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at I-85 and Jimmy Carter Blvd. is $6 million dollars. The DDI will maximize the existing lanes on the bridge by facilitating through traffic and eliminating left turns. The DDI will provide 10 years of traffic relief before the bridge would need to be replaced. Gwinnett County will pay $5 million dollars and the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District (CID) will pay $1 million dollars to effect the DDI. There is no state or federal money allocated to this project at this time even though Jimmy Carter Blvd. is a state route over a federal highway. Gwinnett County and the Gwinnett Village CID is taking the bull by the horns so to speak by addressing a traffic mess with County funds from the 2009 SPLOST. The $79 million dollar bridge replacement project was originally submitted as a 2010 Transportation Investment Act project for TSPLOST. This project did not make the final list given that the DDI would offer 10 years of traffic relief at this location. Community Improvement Districts are self taxing districts where commercial property owners come together, set a miilage rate, and tax themselves to fund improvements in their CID. James H. (Jimmy) Orr, Jr.


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