JimFisher 3 years, 7 months ago on Gingrich donor is casino mogul, Israeli hardliner


This article shows decidedly anti-Jewish tendencies on your part. To start with, the title of the article accuses him of being "Israeli" (& by inference, not American). Mr Adelson, even according to you, was born in Massachusetts, which makes him American. You are obviously trying to inflame hatred of Adelson by using the phrase "richest Jew in the World" in your opening paragraph. The following quote from your article continues this bent of yours in its very derisive tone: "His rags-to-riches story as the son of poor Ukrainian immigrants in Dorchester, Mass., is well-known lore in the pro-Israeli circles he inhabits and where his philanthropy is legendary". "Lore" infers "fable". "inhabits" infers disdain on your part. Perhaps it would help if you stuck to the facts of a story & at least made the attempt to withhold the injection of your own bigotry.


Jim Fisher dafishs1@comcast.net