Jen1981 2 years, 11 months ago on Old Navy outlet coming to Discover Mills

I can't handle too much hate and rudeness..and that is all what you have to spread around every single post if you disagree...and by the are not my "party mascot"... Not all US citizens are like you...I can't say I hate you cause I don't even know you, but I sure feel sorry for the way you comment...Keep spreading your venom...


Jen1981 2 years, 11 months ago on Search suspended for teen on Lake Lanier; driver released on bond

This is so tragic, I heard all the emergency crews last night and just prayed for whoever where involved in that tragedy, never though about a little ones loosing their lives in the lake, since our family spend a lot of time in the lake during the weekends. Hope they lock this guy long enough...The driver was drunk..are we surprised of that? I am not really since I see people at the gas station close to my house loading gas and beer on their boats. We all have to be carefull at the Lake because of all these irresponsible idiots out there. Lifejackets are needed, but if a boat crashed agianst your boat and you get hurt there not much to do...All my prayers are with this families...It is a real tragedy!


Jen1981 2 years, 11 months ago on Gwinnett leaders speak out on immigration announcement

I never felt so sorry for now..Blessed your heart News2Me...your rudeness and hatefull heart should make your country, family and even your pastor (if have one) proud...go look at your back before you keep judging everybody around...


Jen1981 2 years, 11 months ago on Swans killed in Suwanee subdivision

OMG!! Just sick and rude people, like maybe BG, could do something like this, let's make sense here, obviously who ever killed them knew they were pets there, I don't think they were killed by any kid, I think it could be a parent who's not happy with their presence, but, why killing them instead of talking or calling animal control instead, if it is not legal to have them in the subdivision, animal control would do something about it. I think this is just another proof of how sick a person can be! And whoever did this should pay the price for it...