JamesAdams 3 years, 4 months ago

I only wish the people knew this child and then they wouldn't be so ignorant to believe what they hear from the police department! Yes we are suppose to be able to believe our police officers and trust them for our safety. But obviously we can't trust them at all!!! They handled this situation totally wrong, A great kid lost his life because they weren't trained properly ( I believe is the excuse.) The fact of the matter is that the counselor called 911, not the grandmother. The grandmother could of easily handled this situation, hell he wasn't even in a rage. He was excited about finding a machete in a huge junk pile next door. He loved playing swords with my sons, and in no way would he of ever hurt ANYONE... I was in the house after all this happened the next day and there was no evidence at all of any kind of damage to any doors or anything that would have come from what they are saying happened. These police were nothing but rookies or trying to get their monthly quota. The fact of the matter is that the grandmother told him to put the machete back where ever he found it or he could get hurt and he went outside to put it back not even knowing the police were there. Then when he seen them and heard them say to drop it, THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID.... then he jumped off the porch like he always did and continued to walk down the sidewalk and onto the driveway to walk over to them like he was instructed, and then they unload their weapons on a unarmed child that was listening to what he was instructed to do, where is the justice in that? I wouldn't call a child thats excited about finding something he liked ( a rage ) if thats the case lookout people for your children at Christmas time because if your child gets excited about something and is outside, the Gwinnett County Police Department might shoot them down! It is so simple to see there was no justice in this at all. Dawntree was a third son to me, he was the best mannered child I haver ever met, and would never hurt anyone!! Explain this if he charged the police, why was the machete still on the porch?? Also when they started shooting an innocent child there were shots everywhere, my 10 year old son shoots better then them, it was just a shoot out was all it was! I am so sick at my stomach about what they did to him, hell they didn't even clean the blood out of the driveway?? I was on my knees cleaning and scrubbing it up with a neighbor so that the grandmother didn't have to come home to that, whats up with that? All you ignorinent people that believe what you hear without knowing the truth need to go to hell.... I pray everyday that the truth will come out of all this and the people that were wrong get the punishment they deserve to the fullest! Then you could say ( justice was served ) We love you very much Dawntree and we are very, very sorry for what they done to you. You will always be loved and never forgotten and will always be my son!


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