JHogan 2 years, 2 months ago on New agreement forged between Gwinnett government, nonprofit

If you can prove any of the allegations in your post, then you should get a medal.

Can you provide such proof? I would think the GDP would dearly love to be able to document such skullduggery. They don't seem to be too concerned with the details of most things, and this one would be right down their alley.


JHogan 2 years, 3 months ago on YARBROUGH: State charter school commission in good hands

You're a much kinder person than I am. I'm sure that the person who was chosen to be the showpiece for the new "commission" on charter schools is a very fine fellow.

But that's not what bothers me. I noticed that the governor stripped away about $70 million of the $90 million budget that is allocated to the Ga. Dept. of Education (which is headed by an elected official, by the way). A whole lot of political commentary surrounding this event causes me to think that the governor wants to be the place to go if you want to get a license to have a charter school in Georgia. Most of the commentary supports that view, that the governor want's to be in charge of privately-owned, for-profit institutions. That's about as plain as I can put it.

In other words, in order to get a license to have a charter school in Georgia, the applicant must first get the governor's approval.

You had it right when you opposed Amendment 1.


JHogan 2 years, 4 months ago on Falcons get $200 million loan for new stadium

The Gwinnett Daily Post has had two--2--chances at this story and you got it wrong both times. The first time could be relegated to ignorance, but the second time is willful misinformation.

If there's anything the greater Atlanta area needs right now it's a credible source of information. This is the #1 growth industry in this area , and the GDP just blew its chance to fulfill that niche.

For the record, Arthur M. Blank, owner of the Falcons, will get a huge donation from the state of Georgia to build his playhouse. All while policemen in Atlanta forego raises, while the teachers are being furloughed, while the residents are being told that they will have to pay for the repairs to the sidewalks in front of their own houses, this guy walks off with hundreds of millions of public money. No, No A thousand times No!

This is wrong and should be repealed, but the GDP can't even see fit to print the relevant information. What a crying shame.


JHogan 2 years, 4 months ago on CRAFT: Most Republicans support withdrawal from Common Core

I don't think dumbing down the requirements for graduation is a very bright thing to do. That's the obvious outcome of rejecting Common Core standards.How could anyone object to this curriculua?

If you really care for your kids then you want them to have the best education possible.

There are presently in Gwinnett County at least 2 so-called "academies" whose credits are not accepted by the NCAA or by the U. S Armed Forces, yet the county is required to accept their "credits" by state edict. This is wrong. These so-called "credits" are a sham, because the student learns nearly nothing during the course.

The purpose of education is to pass on to the succeeding generation the knowledge that the preceeding generation has acquired, to the best of our ablility.

If Dekalb County schools can be shut down by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), then shouldn't every school have to meet that standard of rigor? Seems to me like they should. But that isn't happening here.

Instead, we have a political approach to try to make it possible for some certain well-connected enterprises to collect money and generate a diploma. It's a fraud, plain and simple. And the ultimate losers are the students. They have to pay for this "education" again when they get to college and are forced to take a remedial course.


JHogan 2 years, 4 months ago on Falcons get $200 million loan for new stadium

"Blank will supply the rest of the funds"...

This is incorrect. The hotel-motel tax will provide 39.3% of the revenue it generates throughout the term of the tax, which extends until 2050. A conservative estimate of this gift to Blank is in excess of $550 million, and not the $200 million dollars that is commonly reported on the media outlets he is connected with. (He is on the board of directors of Cox Enterprises, which owns the Atlanta Journal Constitution, WSB-TV, WSB-AM, WSB-FM and several other radio stations in the Atlanta Area. Other members of the Cox board of directors are Anne Cox Chambers, whose net worth is $12 billion, James Cox Kennedy, whose net worth is $6 billion, and Blank, whose net worth is $1.6 billion, for a combined total of $19.6 billion. Do these people really need a subsidy from the government?

Here's a link to the legislation which authorized this graft:


And here's a list of those who voted for it in the Senate.:


This is an outrageous misuse of public money, made all the more galling because it goes to a person who doesn't need it.


JHogan 2 years, 5 months ago on District 5 students thank Radloff

I object to the GDP's use of the word "brags" whenever there is a reference to parent's appreciation of the education their children are getting in the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

The word "brag" is derived from medieval word "braggidocious" (sp?), or "boasting in an insolent manner". I'm not sure about either former reference but I don't think either is too far off. THis is the second story this word has appeared in a GDP story about GCPS.. It is a foul word.

Most parents are very glad that their children are in Gwinnett County Public Schools because it is one of the best in the nation. Nobody wants to "brag" about that, but it is what it is.


JHogan 2 years, 6 months ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Sheldon announces Congressional race

This has to be the funniest political story I've read in years. The supposed "interrogator" refers to the subject of the story as "one of the most highly respected women in the General Assembly, serving as the House Majority Caucus chair." Is Ms Young going to serve as Ms Sheldon's campaign manager?

I don't know either of these two fine people, but this is a totally ridiculous story.


JHogan 2 years, 6 months ago on Confusion expected over property assessment notices

A suggestion for the GDP: Can you make some sort of chart which would list the 15 cities in Gwinnett County and the services they provide for their citizens?

For example, on the left side have a columnar listing of the cities, while across the top have various categories of service provided. Something like...

      Fire   Police   EMT  Parks/Rec   Waste disposal  Roads







JHogan 2 years, 6 months ago on Belk to close at Gwinnett Place

Uh, that was tried last year and there are some former county commissioners who can tell you why this is a bad idea. The majority in the county doesn't want to increase traffic at Briscoe Field.

The area around Gwinnett Place Mall will have to be repurposed, because American's shopping habits have changed. Not just here, but everywhere. Here we have this magnificient ediice, complete with intricate interstate access (I-85) and with all the necessary roads already built. And the world's busiest airport is only 30 minutes to the south.

Combine that with a network of local roads that are already in place, with the drainage issues taken care of.

The roads and streets are already in place in the local area; there is water and sewerage, and the electrical infrastructure is already in place.

If I were an artist, I don't think I could imagine a more appropriate canvas.