INFORMED 3 years, 8 months ago on Police defend teen shooting amid questions from neighbors, caretaker

If the cops run who is left to deal with the deranged individual with a machete? What would have happened if the cops ran and the deranged machete wielding suspect went to your house and hacked your family to death? I bet you would be up in arms for the police not doing there jobs. Plain and simple cops do not have the option to run, we are who the people call when they run. We put our lives on the line for you so you can run. We run towards the danger not away. Google Virginia Tech shootings and look for the picture of the cop running towards what everyone is running from. What would happen if we did not have the brave people to run towards what you want to run to. It is a shame the kid lost his life, but plain and simple he decided to attack with a machete and when that situation arises there is only one outcome. My heart and prayers are with the officers who have to deal with taking the 15 year olds life. No matter what you think they did not want to shoot, but bottom line they had to. They have to live with this the rest of their lives which will not be easy.