Hoyt99 1 year, 10 months ago on Gwinnett sheriff posts statement supporting gun rights

You are free to move to Canada or the UK anytime. I will gladly rent a moving truck for you. I might even help you move if you ask real nice.

Based on your logic cars, planes, and hospitals should all be banned as well. They kill or injure far more people than guns each year. Just look at the drunk guy that caused 15+ wrecks and killed an innocent person earlier this week. I don't hear anyone proposing that we ban cars. The car was the weapon in this case but it didn't cause the death by itself. It was an drunk idiot.

Hospitals kill over 100,000 people a year. Should we ban those as well?

As far as the NRA, they are just the other side of the Brady group which has been known to misrepresent facts to suit their own agenda.

I am proud of Conway for making a stand on this debate. It takes a lot to do that when you know the media is going to attack you for your beliefs.