Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on Bullet accidentally fired into Savannah college classroom

Technology is making our society very lazy. The blame can be passed along to the spell check button in this case.


Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on Gwinnett ACT scores up slightly

"African-American and Hispanic students in Georgia also outperformed the nation on the ACT. The composite score for African-American students was 17.5, while the national average was 16.9. For Hispanic students, the Georgia composite score was 19.9, compared to the nation’s 18.8. White students in Georgia had an average composite score of 22.8, while the national average was 22.2."

The ACT is curriculum based (what student has learned so far).

The SAT is aimed more at general reasoning and problem solving skills.

Do your research and take the one that best fits your test taking abilities. Attention span, gender, being an underachiever or overachiever - all should play a part into which test you take. Most college and universities will say they don't perfer one over the other, however each test does say alot about the kind of student you are and will be in college.


Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on CEPEDA: Long odds for immigration reform

"According to Fox News, multiple ports of entry are already experiencing large numbers of immigrants simultaneously arriving at processing centers asking for political asylum. And it’s easy to see how even more protesters would create an international spectacle that would get immigration back onto the front burner — for better or for worse."

Ms. Cepeda,

First of all, Thank You for verifying that liberals watch Fox News. However, you do know that many other media outlets are reporting that same fact?

Illegal Aliens are heavily invading the country en masse. The Feds are welcoming them to the USA with free hotel rooms. Illegal Aliens are getting their first of many Freebie Entitlements. Makes you wonder if they are attending seminars in the motel conference rooms on how to be a successful Undocumented Democrat 101.






Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on GCPS approves building new school for $1.93M

I can tell you did not bother to read one word of any of my posts. You just admitted you are complicit in this mounting problem within GCPS. You are part of the problem, and have buried your head in the sand and not willing to stand up to be part of the solution. GCPS is the next education scandal in the metro area, and this will be a huge part of it. I will be here to continue with the discussion when, not if, that occurs.


Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on GCPS approves building new school for $1.93M

I stopped reading your post as soon as you insulted a veteran educator. Besides, why should I bother reading your posts when you have refused to read and fully comprehend my contributions? Good evening.


Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on Patch begins lay-off process with few local cuts

I too hope that Patch survives, but I am not suprised by this annoucement. Patch has undergone alot of visible changes. In my opinion, the content has been severly lacking lately. I don't like the changes, and don't contribute nearly as much as in the past. Many other regular posters have left.


Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on GCPS approves building new school for $1.93M

"As for the DeKalb co kids in GCPS...well, that is not new either. And quite frankly, those of you who shout that out ad nauseum need to face the fact that it takes a heck of a lot of manpower to run all the liars out of the system."


The recent scandals within Atlanta Public Schools and Dekalb School Board have taken School Residency Fraud in GCPS to a whole new level. GCPS is being invaded, and to shrug this off as a simple little problem is a slap in the face to real Gwinnett school children and their hard working, taxpaying parents.

GCPS knows that it will take minimal effort and money to curb this overwhelming and fast growing burden on our schools. Just an implementation of a School Residency Fraud program and investigation with PSA's to alert cheaters will considerably halt the massive fraud currently taking place. School systems around the country have had enough, and GCPS being the largest and one of the best systems in GA makes us a large target for fraud.

My wife is a teacher, a 29 year veteran of GCPS. There are many teachers and school level admins out there that are passionate about the subject of School Residency Fraud. Talk honestly and openly with any teacher in GCPS and your eyes will be opened and you'll be forced to face reality.









Haughton 1 year, 11 months ago on GCPS approves building new school for $1.93M

I only care about those students that live in Gwinnett. South Gwinnett and Shiloh clusters have tons of kids that live in Dekalb. This is one of the largest areas of School Residency Fraud. I know for fact the teachers and administration in those clusters have alerted the powers at GCPS of this out of control problem. Open your eyes to what is going on right under your nose.