Hangdog 3 years, 2 months ago

What a collosal waste of money. I have been carpooling with another person since 1996 when the HOV lanes first open, but now it isn't worth the trouble. Neither of us are going to pay for the 'right' to use the now toll lane, so now at least 1 car is moved from HOV to the normal lanes and from what I've seen these first two days, a lot of former carpoolers are no longer in the toll lane. I've heard from several people at work that they are no longer going to carpool, so that is adding two cars back to the normal lanes.

If they left the free carpool option at 2 riders instead of 3, I would be a little better, but even then you have to log on 20 minutes ahead of time and tell them you are going to carpool. I hope the people who thought this trainwreck up lose their jobs as soon as possible.


Hangdog 2 years, 11 months ago

As typical of a Gena Evans run organization, SRTA continues to fail miserably. Problems with the app so far: 1) no way to quit it, even though the latest update said a Quit button was added 2) if you change your toll to free, using the 4 hour window, it NEVER changes back, 3) it is very clunky to work through 4) history of your usage is not expandable 5) the interface looks and works like it was designed by a jr. high school dropout in his garage.

Our state government continues to outdo themselves with this issue. Stick it to Gwinnett by stealing a travel lane, then admit it isn't for improving congestion, then once they realize that the idea is horrible, they back out of their plans to shove this horrible idea down Cobb's throat, all the while, forcing Gwinnett TAXPAYERS to be stuck with this debacle. I'm remember this crap come voting time, ESPECIALLY where T-SPLOST and our current governor are involved.

In the meantime, send that crappy app back to the drawing board and quit trumpeting your failures as successes.


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