GwinnettTeacher2 2 years, 5 months ago on ESPLOST passes, will lead to technology upgrades at GCPS

ssilover1, You don't get out much do you? You don't suppose there are teachers in our schools that see disparity? Please come out of your rock today, and consider driving the grounds of our schools. Venture at least 5 miles in any direction from your apparent Utopia. My school doesn't have grass on it's playground. I am, therefore, distressed to read on a SPLOST report that GCPS spent $600,000 on anything, much less a concession stand. I read very well, ssilover1, and I possess an advanced level degree. Does that qualify me to speak to you, in our schools, for our children? What level of education is necessary in your oh so humble opinion; because the parents of over half of my students would not possess such a document, yet I find their care, concern, desire, interest, insight and understanding of and for their children a key component to my success with their child. One more little thing, ssislover1, I can count. $400 million will now go to technology for 165,000 (yes, I did higher math here and rounded up) students. I don't work in corporate America, but I have. I assure you. Corporate America could outfit their complete staffs of say 2 million employees in less than 5 years and certainly with less cost than $400 million dollars. I'll wait while you process that. You understand that's more than a million dollars a person, right? Here's a thought. Let's give each principal a million dollars, and let them see how quickly they can get their students hooked up. We have some really good people in this county, ssilover1, unfortunately, they don't reside in Mecca - that the ISC building. Be sure and wave when you go buy today, ssilover1, I'm sure you'll be the person with your mouth open.