GwinnettParent 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Giants sign Francoeur to minor-league deal

Good Luck to Jeff. Whether or not this is it for him, he has done what many, many guys have wanted to but could not, he played baseball at the highest level for the better part of a decade. And much of that as many of them do, being cheered or criticized by people who would not stand up to that kind of scrutiny in their job. That is also part of their job but he lived the dream and will continue to be a part of the sport after this part of his career is over.


GwinnettParent 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Gwinnett players selected in MLB Draft

Congratulations to all the players selected. You are all outstanding athletes as well as great young men and we all look forward to watching move through the MLB ranks in the coming years. Continue to be great role models for the athletes that are following right behind you.


GwinnettParent 1 year ago on Voting is live for Gwinnett County Swim League team in grant competition

THEY ARE AWESOME! Everyone that reads this needs to vote your 10 daily votes at least once. Show them that ALL of GWINNETT county cares and has their back.


GwinnettParent 1 year ago on Adjustments help Norcross baseball team to fast start

GREAT article about a great coach and his new team. The Blue Devils were very lucky to land Coach Wyman for their program. It sounds like the players really appreciate the discipline he brings to the program. This will pay off over the long term not only with wins, but with a lot of life lessons that they will remember long after they leave the program.

From a Blue Devil Fan in Longhorn Country (only when the two are not playing of course!) .


GwinnettParent 1 year, 4 months ago on GAB: Magical Nights of Lights helps non-profits

I am all about helping charities especially this time of year, but $60 a car is a little excessive in any economy but especially this one. Last year, the Lake insisted that they had made major changes and to please give it a try. Well not so much, it was the same old stuff from the last 20 we will be saving our money and going to less expensive displays and taking our canned goods to the North Gwinnett Coop for a lot less than $60.


GwinnettParent 1 year, 5 months ago on THOMAS: Four more years of the US's decline

AMEN! And as a parent in this "new" norm, it is very hard to practice old fashioned parenting, when all around you are examples of entitled youth that get everything just because with little or no consequence for bad behavior. And they grow into the entitled adults with little or no incentive to work hard because in part it has never been expected. Their parents have saved them from bad choices all their lives, so they have no idea how to fend for themselves.

Those that can fend for themselves and make responsible decisions are almost penalized for it in today's new normal.


GwinnettParent 1 year, 5 months ago on Trio re-elected to school board

100% of the people will never be happy with the job the BOE does. But they must look at the big picture when managing this district and sometimes that means our individual clusters will appear to not get what they need or some of their decisions may not fit your idea of good management. But overall, they have done a great job managing the system, improving test scores and offering more opportunities for all students than many other districts in the state while losing resources and dealing with increasing diversity. We are not in danger of losing our accredidation, we have high test scores and people want to move here to be a part of the our school system. The current board is the reason much of that. I would not want to go anywhere else (even if we could sell our house)