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Bomb threat evacuates Gwinnett high school April 24, 2014



Gundoctor1 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Ex-NBA player Mookie Blaylock critical after crash

Drugs, DUI and now a medical condition that should stop him from driving.

I believe in GA that you must be seizure-free for 12 months before you are allowed to drive, but just exactly who is going to enforce this? We cannot stop kids from texting and driving. Every state has these seizure regulations, but I would bet none are truly enforced.


Gundoctor1 11 months ago on Trooper, pregnant woman injured in car chase

Not only should this guy go to jail for a long time, this woman needs a psych evaluation as to why she is having a child with this loser. Guess I'm assuming it is his child. If not then she is nuts for getting in a vehicle with him!!!


Gundoctor1 11 months ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Isakson: Georgians have lost confidence in the government

Now here is a real cogent statement by the Senator from GA. Really!!!!!!!! Just how long have you fed from the public trough?????? Let's find someone with some real "brass" ones to go up there and tell them exactly what the people you represent think.


Gundoctor1 11 months ago on One of nation's youngest doctors graduates in Suwanee

Are they considering an Osteopath a doctor, or a truly super chiropractor? If so, why does it read D.O. or DO. and not M.D. just a question!! I'll tell you what, look it up on Google and you decide. I did.


Gundoctor1 11 months ago on Father sentenced to more than 8 years for cocaine biz

Yeah, no father figure in the home if you are gone. Boy, just look what they are missing. O.J.'s kids are missing the same thing!!!


Gundoctor1 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Library board OKs summer reading money, talks '14 budget

No raise in 6 straight years but they have money to move one branch and refurbish another???? Typical Government response to any problem. I bet those are some really happy employees. I did here the dog catcher got a nice raise in Gwinnett.....

I know what we can do. Let's spend our way out of this problem. How about some bookmarks with ads on them? No?


Gundoctor1 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Alleged peeping toms fall through movie theater ceiling

Jack you nailed it. Stupidity not confined here in Gwinnett.

I'm sorry, I'm still trying to understand why a grown man would do something like this. Stupidity must be rampant in their family. Sounds like the girl has a similar level of idiocy. Is her name Eduard as well?

The real shame here is they both did not break their neck in the fall.