GregRodgers 2 years, 8 months ago on Gwinnett Republicans to host 'family voting day' trolley tour

Socialists? Wow....

More Right Wing keywords meant to Scare folks.

Come on will you!!? I will say an association with a guy that the Majority hates will not get you far....but hey this is GA....just say Republican an Most people will vote that way.

How anyone can vote for Mitt Romney is beyond me....

"I am severely conservative and agree with Obama's Foriegn policy. I am for abortion today...but I made a mistake I am not for it tomorrow. I will be strong against China...but wait Bain is outsourcing jobs from Sensata so maybe not so tough...don't wanna mess up my 8 million in investments in that company.....Oh and I do not have 5 trillion in cuts.. when you do the math it's only 4.8 Trillion and I will close those cuts by elimination loopholes that don't add to much and I will not tell you which ones these are..."

I am Mitt Romney and I approve this message......I think...well maybe I won't tomorrow.....


GregRodgers 2 years, 8 months ago on Gwinnett Republicans to host 'family voting day' trolley tour

Really? Bill Ayers and Rev Wright?

I thought the loonatics gave up on this nonsense a long time ago, but hey in a close election..I guess loonies will say anything...oh well.


GregRodgers 3 years ago on What is next for Briscoe Field?

Wow...its over're more chock fulla nuts than a can from planters....


GregRodgers 3 years ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: McClain confirms plans for special election

"This county is so thirsty for leaders with integrity, I think it is imperative that someone like myself fills that seat as soon as possible."....really?

How about the fact that you have an agenda...that is the same as the chamber of commerce, Fly Gwinnett Forward and Propeller Airports...which was to destroy Gwinnett County for a buck.

While not the same...that is exactly what Shirley Lasseter had in mind too!

Think about your vote carefully when you click the X......


GregRodgers 3 years ago on Airport proposal released; opponents still not swayed

If you believe in free market and capitalism then the markets will adjust on their own.

We should not be trying to force issues like Airports and Stadiums.

TeeLee keeps posting blight...however, everyday I see new businesses opening: Pars Cars, Mega Mart Duluth, Wok Star, Menchies, Riverside Pizza, Froyolo, Kroger - Dacula; Olive Garden, Academy Sports, NTB - Snellville

FarraTech, NCR, Mitsubishi Electric and Heating, Cavanna Packaging, Atlanta Retailers Association All moving headquarters to Gwinnett....THIS YEAR!!

The jobs are coming soon and more will come as well....all without Airport Deals TeeLee!!

Markets come back and jobs come back and will without hurting those in the Area around the airport!!


GregRodgers 3 years ago on Airport proposal released; opponents still not swayed

TeeLee....stop with the "Gwinnett is still number one in home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies. What about the thousands of empty homes and businesses that litter Gwinnett County?"

When I read this it translates into....."Gwinnett County is number one in handing out building permits like candy because our BOC was so money hungry that it could not see that there may be problems with this in the future. That coupled with many people who took on homes that they could not possibly afford has led us to where we are today.

Now that the damage has been done by our government, greedy people and not so smart citizens...the TeeLee's, Brett Smiths and local greedy businessmen want to convince us that its in our best interests to kill our quality of life and home value so that they can prosper off of our loses in the guise of bringing "fictitious" jobs to the community."

We are not going to give in anymore!!

Cut the nonsense TeePee.....its over and you are trying to sell poop to the wrong crowd!


GregRodgers 3 years ago on Airport proposal released; opponents still not swayed

I just keep laughing..

Brett and his Fly Gwinnett Backwards people just do not get it.

Personally, I could care less about what they say could have been a "financial impact" to the community.

To me, it was always a get rich quick off of the backs of the people in the community scenario. What these fools simply fail to see...and its extremely simple....we did not want 737's flying into our quiet community. Stats and infusion of "possible" dollars did not matter.

We (D3) have a great quality of life. We moved here because of the beauty of the area, quality of schools...its a great place to raise a family. Why the heck would we want 737's flying low over our homes? And cut with the limited flights nonsense. The FAA said there was no way to limit flights..when money is involved...those were sure to increase.

Again....Brett and Fly Gwinnett into your pockets, don't be mad. Its your own fault. The writing was on the wall when the other firms decided to pull their RFP's. You guys were just to stubborn to see that for once...the people were loud enough to keep Gwinnett from being sold for a buck.

Thank you and have a nice day!


GregRodgers 3 years ago on BOC says no to commercial flights plan

Floyd...really? 8yrs of promises. Again you've been in politics for a long time. Its a cycle...people remember the last things that you have done. Its not about a few clips in the patch. Its about Mike and is demeanor at countless Board Meetings, the calling people names, calling staff insubordinate because they didn't move as fast as he wanted them too without having clear directives and completely acting as if he is above the people who voted him in.

Its about stealling cell phone towers from folks who already had a deal, getting into the socialist forced trash program, which had us in one lawsuit with the haulers and now a new one with the folks with the cell tower.

He comes from a time when he sat with Kennerly, Bannister and Lasseter and now this two year long battle with the airport in which people saw him as a complete ignoramous.

Friend or not....YOU have to does not make him look very good at all.