Grayson 3 years, 4 months ago on Police defend teen shooting amid questions from neighbors, caretaker

The Cops did their job that day. It is a tragedy that a 15 year was wielding a machete and threatening lives that day too. The police had been called several times to this home it appears for domestic violence. Family members if you are afraid for your lives and call the cops on a family member you have to be aware if they are armed and threaten the lives of others including the police - they may be shot. If you don't want them to come then handle it yourselves. Or are you the type then who would blame someone for not helping if your head gets chopped off with a machete. I am ashamed too that Gwinnett Daily Post is not trying to make this a controversy. I dare anyone to have someone running at them with a deadly weapon to make a 5 second decision....I know what my choice would have been; I would like to return home to my family too. This sounds like an issue the family should have dealt with a long time ago and gotten this person the kind of help they needed. I support the officers decision and am so tired of hearing people down officers when they do their job once YOU called them. If they say put a weapon down do it!!