GinaG 2 years, 6 months ago on GGC honors late official with street name

What an awesome way to honor a really special friend and leader at Georgia Gwinnett College. He lived the "dream" each and every day. So many of us were honored to work alongside him and witness his vision for the Campus of Tomorrow. We still miss his sense of humor, innate ability to always think beyond the average standard, and notion to always take risks to ultimately impact positively. The curtain will never fall as Lonnie's final act is living on forever in the memories and impact he left in Gwinnett.


GinaG 2 years, 11 months ago on GinaG

What a significant and constructive way to commemorate a day of remembrance locally. Well done, Chief Myers.
And rco1847 - thank you for your service for the USA. However, your "comment" only succeeded in remembrance as a verbal attack. How inappropriate and unjustified.


GinaG 3 years, 2 months ago on All eyes on diverging diamond, with local projects to follow

"I'm concerned that we are moving forward on an unproven concept," Commissioner John Heard said, adding that he may be interested in tabling the construction bid next week. "I think the timing of it is so convenient that we would be foolish to rush into something we can learn from."

With due respect, Commissioner Heard, your "hesitancy" fell instantly on deaf & frustrated ears for this reader. Since you wish to "table," I thought it might be useful to provide some summary and useful tips to locate the AVAILABLE information on diamond diverging interchanges, if you require some additional review.

The information has been provided in both public forums and in various articles, proposals, reports, etc. These in-depth documents were commissioned by internal and external resources. I know this because as a public Gwinnett citizen, I've had them shared with me and my neighbors.

Feel free to google "diamond diverging interchange gwinnett" - especially useful for your perspective, the GWINNETT COUNTY WEBSITE even took the time to provide thorough info. There are also some other media sites which offer good detail and maps, and even a few links which provide some useful video and links if for whatever reason you still don't have time to read it all. Our simple public reports actually gave a lot of credibility and facts while you should be getting the newest request for information and being briefed. Again.

Sir, understand we're not rushing into anything - this proposal and the diverging diamond discussion have been in concept and review for a little over a year. Whether you knew about it from DAY 1 or just found out about it last week, there is plenty of info to catch up, even the most out of touch, citizen up to date. The studies have been done in the familiar boundaries of Gwinnett AND, as JimmyOrr shared above, in several other STATES and CITIES for proper pro/con comparison. Perhaps we could send you a Gwinnett Daily Post paper AND link for follow-up to this article which also displays associated information and links by a helpful and trusted media source.

Mr. Heard - before you are quoted again in another media outlet - Please know, I am determined as a citizen to let you LEAD as an ELECTED official in my County - if you can prove it to me and my fellow citizens in Gwinnett. We need the respect that you will complete your homework as I'm expected to do MINE everyday at my JOB. In all fairness, I can deduce that both of us have expectations, which are not much different about completing assignments. Kindly, stop making excuses for TABLING something that clearly has been planned, developed,and explained properly. In case you didn't remember, the County is feeling a little challenged about the word "leadership." The public is not oblivious - they do their jobs, so at least give us the satisfaction that you are at least READING for yours.