Gataxpayer 2 years, 9 months ago on Gataxpayer

Government can not give away tax dollars to non-profits without a contract for services. If there is no contract it is illegal.


Gataxpayer 3 years, 7 months ago on Public mixed over transportaion sales tax

Note that GDOT spokesperson said that they will not know if the hot lanes will work until it is opened. Then they will have to "adjust it" to make it work. That's nice to know considering the million spent on it.

Transportation Investment Act (TIA aka TSPLOST) is not a SPLOST. It is a district tax. SPLOST has no enforcement in the law. TIA has even less enforcement. The public will have to file suit to raise an issue. Once they have the money they can what they want with it. House Bill 277.

They said a citizens review panel will over see the projects as if they are law enforcers. They will be hand picked cronies that will do as they say.

They have no idea if bonds will be used to finance the project upfront.

ARC and GDOT are withdrawing previously funded local road projects to be placed by TSPLOST in an effort to blackmail coerce support for TIA.

The roundtable, that includes the county chairman and a mayor can vote NO on the project list in November and stop this.