GFCBFAMother 2 years, 3 months ago on Gwinnett Football League crowns its champions

I would have been really nice to mention that in the 8 year old Championship the BROOKWOOD BRONCOS have won the CHAMPIONSHIP title for 3 YEARS in a ROW!!!!Now that is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT from the players AND Coaches...most of the players are the same players from age 6.....although we have some that have been added last season....WE ARE LOUD AND PROUD and we bring out HERD OF PLAYERS AND CHEERLEADERS!!!!!!! Maroon and Gold....Brookwood Bronocs 3-Peat (2010, 2011,& and NOW 2012)......

A SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE BRONCO BOYS!!!!WAY TO GO we all knew you could do it, you boys made EVERY PLAY!!!!!!!

-Proud Mother of a 8 yr. Old Bronco Player-