FSU22 2 years, 10 months ago on Dacula's Zito steps down as head football coach

This is absolutely rediculiuos. I cannot comprehend how someone can believe this. Jared Zito is a manipulator. How can i man bash a program like this. All he wants to do is throw out a perception that he is this great person and coach and doesn't understand why everyone is against him. Anyone would be foolish to believe all of this! Nobody would step down from a "dream job". What about his previous 5 head coaching jobs... Their are reasons he doesn't stay long wherever he goes. If you ask anyone in the county of Dacula on how their feelings stand toward Jared Zito, you will get a true understand of this man. I wish the best of luck to this man and his family, as well as his coaching career, just not at Dacula. He "resigned" because he was going to be fired by the first of the year and they gave him the option on what he wanted to do. - and on a side note, see how many other coaches have posted a resignition letter on gwinnett daily post before. To him, he is always worried about what others think about him. This was his last desperation to try and save himself because he knows that it will be very difficult to find a job elsewhere.