Eggfulaura 3 years, 6 months ago


Have you not paid attention to current events in the last decade? In the past week? OW is protesting at the epicenter of the corporate world. Wallstreet is in the back yard of the folks who are bribing our politicians and making it impossible for the democratic process to be revealed in this country. The fact that we are coming to Snellville is not to protest anybody in Snellville in particular, but to stand by our friends and family in the larger cities and show the locals that we agree with their position.

When the Tea Party planned a rally at Gwinnett Mall 2 years ago, were they seriously thinking that anybody in the Mall would be able to give in to their demands? NO! They wanted to go there to be heard! Too bad Simon Mall had other plans and didn't allow them to protest on their property.

Nobody is trying to be cute or trendy. The folks in New York who have slept out in the cold and snow didn't think about being cute or trendy. The folks in Richmond who had their personal possessions bulldozed and slashed by the police weren't being cute or trendy. The folks in Oakland who are being gassed and shot at with rubber Bullets aren't being cute or trendy.

Shame on you for wishing harm to your fellow Americans who are merely standing up to the bullies who have been running the country for far too long. Shame on you for not realizing that this movement effects the entire country. Shame on you for labeling us second class citizens just because you disagree with our opinions.


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