EducatedMom 1 year, 5 months ago on North Gwinnett cluster holds annual council meeting

I thought it was the moral obligation of a newspaper to be accurate in their facts, regardless of the event they are covering. It's unfortunate that the graduation 'cohort rate' that is being reported on in this article is not even fact checked by the GDP. Here is a link with the actual cohort rate formula, which includes the fact that this now national graduation rate measure has been 'on the books' for at least four years. Gwinnett County knew this new graduation standard was coming, yet did nothing to prepare for the new reporting requirements. Other GA counties have already been reporting graduation rates with this new standard, and thus have a way to compare their graduates with the rest of the nation. Shame on you GDP for not fully informing your readers about one of the most important educational standards to come to Gwinnett County in decades.