ED101 2 years, 4 months ago on YARBROUGH: Why isn’t anyone talking about for-profit charter schools?

The problem many see is that status quo in GA is not cutting it for their kids. 48th in the nation is not something to be proud of. IF anything can be learned from FL it is that we as Georgians will have to be alert and active to keep things in order like anything else. IF you dont weed a garden ti gets over grown. same thing has happened in our school district's in GA. The local BOE in many places just dont do their jobs and are like ticks you can not get them out. So what do you do ... well a charter school is a great alternative. A private company who is in business to manage a school properly as to achieve set education goals by their commissioning party. If that school does not meet yearly goals they are shut down.. what is the problem with that? Local school can be horrible for years an never get that same treatment. Parents should get a choice in their pubic education... the decades old model is failing our kids an employer are demanding more intelligent students from our schools. Charters are a tool to get this done. The fear is all about money and control but not from the charter .. but from the tradition school district loosing federal and state funds. What i best for the children is not even considered.. just that crying about who gets the money. Most charters run leaner and better than a traditional school so one can argue the management company is doing ti better with tax payer dollars. Right now the school mentioned is not receiving any money slated for CCSD. and yet the charter is doing it with less and thus far is excelling at it. Maybe ccsd should check how they are managing their funds it might be they are bloated and over funded. OR the BOE is just that crooked..