DrDocEdD 3 years ago on Murphy will seek re-election to school board

Murphy is not the problem in GCPS. She is reasonable, but she listens to the people with the loudest voice. The Associate and Area Supers are the real problems. They are full of themselves and have this demigogic air about them. Boyce is a nice lady but she backs down in the fight for the sake of harmony. We need fighters. Dr. McClure is knowledgable but has an ultraconservative agenda. Seck seems distracted of late with his own fiancial problems. Louise Radloff is the strongest member on the Board. She is the glue. She is sharp but I think she is getting tired of the fight to hold it all down. I hope she decides to run again. If she doesn't we will definitely need some strong new blood with her energy. I believe Wilbanks has the general interest of educating children at heart. But his support staff has created this air of distrust and dog eat dog environment. They get distracted easily by the threat of bad publicity. Upper management is thick with skeletal remains. Too many political favors are being made. Over all though, Gwinnettians, you have a solid school system because of the AKS system. It really works. Lets hope the county will follow suit and reduce standardized tests, no more AYP crap, and teachers can be creative again. Watch how this system will flourish. ((I HOPE)). But parent involvement is paramount. You can't totally transfer that responsibility to the school system. You also have a majority of your teachers who genuinely care. It could be worse.