Don_Coyote 9 months, 3 weeks ago on I-85 toll lane reaches all-time high

Are the tolls to a level to cover the SRTA administrative costs yet? Equipment & road maintenance? Fuggitabout all of the federal money used to convert and extend the boondoggle it's just Federal money and that is like manna from heaven, right?

Oh and more on the way, bank on it. SRTA already has. The "public hearing"/road/dog & pony shows are shams as it is a given they WILL be adding HOT lanes all over the metro area regardless of feedback or their own measures of success, or lack thereof. It is real simple, as the financing arm of GDOT, SRTA has issued over 2 BILLION DOLLARS in GARVEE bonds (Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle Bonds), underwritten by the state’s future federal transportation manna. What is the current method of getting the federal manna with the least matching percentage from the state? Why HOT lanes of course. Your tax dollars at work, sort of.


Don_Coyote 10 months ago on Local nonprofit disputes 'worst charity' designation

"The percent of charity expenses that go to administrative and fundraising costs ... is a poor measure of a charity's performance."

I strongly disagree. The percentage of money used directly for the stated mission of the charity is the best measure of their performance.


Don_Coyote 10 months ago on Durham leaving Tech duties for TV gig

Very good play-by-play guy and a class act. Glad he is staying with the Falcons.


Don_Coyote 10 months ago on New property tax districts moving forward

Since SPLOST money cannot be used for maintenance and support the past commissions have overbuilt libraries, fire stations, etc. that cannot be staffed. Recently the police department had the commission approve $8,000,000 worth of wireless printers to issue "e-tickets" with SPLOST money with no money to train the users or maintain the system. This system was purchased with no promise at all of an offset in costs, only that the officers would spend less time "writing" tickets. They went to the legislature to add $10 "user fees" to each ticket to try to get that money but failed and guess who will now saddle this overhead to this county revenue stream?

SPLOSTs were introduced originally to offset property taxes but with the increases in said taxes through the years, and let's not forget storm water runoff "fees", garbage collection "fees", etc. I'm having a hard time justifying further adoption of the slush fund that the SPLOST has become.


Don_Coyote 10 months, 2 weeks ago on 75 percent of SPLOST proposal could go to transportation

The promise of the various SPLOSTs from their inception was supposedly to alleviate property tax increases yet in the past 3 decades of continuously renewing them the property tax rates have still climbed higher. And on this same page I get to see advertising for a venue where some of those taxes were funneled with the ad for "Coolray Field". I will not vote to tax myself any further, period. I will not vote for any politicians who propose for me to tax myself further, period. I certainly will not vote for any politicians who vote directly to tax me further, period.


Don_Coyote 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Teen admits to Lanier boating hit-and-run

Kudos to a responsible father. He did the right thing even when his son did not.


Don_Coyote 11 months, 1 week ago on Mom called cops to year's third officer-involved killing

Please post your qualifications as a supreme being to declare that society is better off with the loss of this man's life. Hell, let's just dispose of all those pesky lawyers and judges and just let the police execute anyone with a warrant and previous record.


Don_Coyote 1 year ago on DA looking into Beaudreau's expense reports

There are more than a couple of quibbles I would have had with Mr. Beaudreau's expense reports at the time of their filing. And that is plain and simply the time this should have been handled. By auditing Mr. Beaudreau's questionable expenses early the county could have saved at most $1K-2K annually out of the $3K he averaged. This is of course, chump change on the scale of things and since the reports were accepted and paid, under the $5K limit, legal chump change at that. Danny Porter should be tending to the beam in his own eye. Perhaps find out who was buying the other commissioner's lunches? As a taxpayer I prefer paying $8 for a commissioner's lunch at Sweet Tomatoes over a developer or lobbyist buying him or her a more extravagant one, those lunches cost the taxpayers much more that $8.


Don_Coyote 1 year ago on Crowd light at HOT lanes open house

With HOT lanes, everyone who buys gasoline "pays for it". Tolls collected are currently not even paying the administrative costs and are never expected to pay the construction costs.


Don_Coyote 1 year, 1 month ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Thompson encourages input on HOT lanes expansion

Tax monies from all who purchase motor fuels will be used to subsidize an easier commute for the few. Unlike traditional toll roads or bridges HOT lane tolls do not pay for the construction of the lanes. Also by the state constitution the motor fuel tax monies are to be distributed evenly by congressional district and as a taxpayer I would prefer other projects in our district be addressed. Or... they could just save money and eliminate SRTA and just widen the road without the hoopla and extra expense.

I guess Sen. Thompson is forgetting a quote from him that we were in total agreement upon when he said: "It felt like these lanes were designed by the people out of a Dilbert cartoon." But why couldn't we get a quote from some of the Republicans? Everyone still in lock-step?