Discouraged 2 years, 8 months ago on Public pleads for library funds

are you joking? Why don't you visit the Suwanee Library and see how many people use it.


Discouraged 2 years, 9 months ago on Library budget cut 'harsh,' board members say

GCPL is struggling to recover from a budget cut of 15%. The operating hours, staff positions, and benefits have been reduced, talented people are leaving for better opportunities and they are not being replaced. The remaining staff covers the gaps without replacements. This means more work, while not receiving a pay increase for almost 5 years. The vast majority of library users, who are paying just $47 per year for library services based on the County’s on-line calculator for a home assessed at $200,000, do not want library budgets cut or services reduced. How far do you think $47 will go at Amazon? Do you have any idea how many GCPS teachers use the library for materials? How many students? How many job hunters use the computers and job databases? The additional reduction in materials will be harsh for the citizens who need them the most.