Dcross 2 years ago on ROBINSON: Wonderland on a cliff


Our government spends $3.5 3trillion each year and growing. There are only 141 million taxpayers. That's equals more than $23,000 in tax per payer! Many Americans contribute nothing in taxes. i think it's safe to say that we have a spending problem.

The last fact I will leave you is this: you could confiscate $300,000 from the 5 million Americans that are millionaires and that would only fill the gap between what the government bring in and what they spend. And you would have to do it again next year, and the next and the next.

We must cut social security and other benefits - they are not entitlements. And, we must educate Americans on how to accumulate wealth so that they may be self sufficient. The richest people I know started with nothing. If they can do it, anybody can.


Dcross 2 years ago on AHMAD: Maybe it's time to limit free speech

As thoughtful as that sound Saima, limiting free speech is what fascist governments do. We need less government looking over our shoulders not more. Who is to say what is hate speech?. We may have a government in the future that views my objections to their governing as hate and lock me up.

I watched the entire film Innocence of Muslims. It did not make sense, it didn't follow any kind of story line and so was poorly produced that you couldn't follow the message if you wanted to. i don't think it had even a couple of hundred views until it was mentioned as the possible culprit for sparking the violence in Libya.

America is not perfect. Your suggestion, while thoughtful and coming from a good place is how totalitarian regimes begin. Americans and others in the world can exercise common sense, good judgement and choose not to listen to hate. After all, those who spew hate get their judgement in the end.


Dcross 2 years, 8 months ago on Dcross

If you were involved in the community, you would know that Partnership Gwinnett gets the vast majority of funding from business owners and individuals, not tax payers. And, those are real jobs - not fabricated federal jobs.