Daculan 2 years, 10 months ago on 3 arrested in brawl at Suwanee Walmart

Anyone who has EVER stepped inside that particular Walmart has a knowing grin on their face. THere is no intelligent life in that place. Smarmiest Walmart outside the one in Charlotte with the Police Tower in the Parking lot (that does take the prize though).


Daculan 3 years, 2 months ago on Gwinnett leaders speak out on immigration announcement

The thing is you can debate the 'poor' innocent children who were dragged here against their will. You can debate the adults who knowingly violated federal law the moment they walked across the border. You can debate whether conservatives are racist or Liberals ignorant. The bottom line is that the President of the United States thinks that he and he alone is so wise, so above legislative president that he can unilaterally change the Constitution by circumventing Congress. Whether you agree with the action or not EVERYONE should be appalled at the power grab.


Daculan 3 years, 5 months ago on Feds: Ga. illegal immigrant population 6th largest

No kidding - that entire population figure must surely live in Gwinnett County. Walk into any Dr. or Dentist office that takes Peach care and you'll do a much more accurate count. Anywhere free services are being handed out you could do a more accurate count. Heck, our schools where we provide all the ESOL teachers you could ever want, but no remedial help for legal students. Our Country has become just upside down and backwards lately.


Daculan 3 years, 5 months ago on Simon no longer owner of Gwinnett Place Mall

Wow - so much vitriolic hatred in these posts. Gwinnett Place is not what it used to be. I remember when it first opened it was nice. What happened was NOT Koreans moving in though. Don't you all remember the thuggin' gang crap. All the Moms said - no way and started going to Mall of Ga. I drive 45 minutes to go to Duluth though for Korean BBQ - glad to do it. Wouldn't step foot in that Mall though. Discover is now just about as bad. You don't want to be there off hours either I can tell you. I'm not much of a Mall shopper, but I like to hit Mall of Ga every once in a while. Its about safety people. Make an area safe and people will go. Make it dangerous and they go elsewhere. As far as I can see that particular area of Duluth has seen its worst times and is re-emerging. People do live in cultural centers where they can share their experience. It just so happens that part of Duluth is very Korean. I can tell you as the only white people usually eating Korean BBQ - they are thrilled to see us there and thrilled to have us enjoy their culture. We feel safe and its fun. If they want the area and can revitalize it to their purpose where others have failed or decided not to go anymore then power to them. The Koreans take Duluth. The thugs take Discover. The rest will go to Mall of Ga. Simon is not the villian though. They know what they are doing. They'll be pulling out of Discover Mills next. Agree it was a bank takeover - not a sale.


Daculan 3 years, 10 months ago on Taxes, town center divide Snellville mayoral candidates

Simple. Barbara Bender is a Lady. She is a Professional. She is experienced. She understands the judgement calls that go along with leadership and hard decisions sometimes have to be made.


Daculan 3 years, 10 months ago on Gwinnett seniors could get trash discount

Yeah well, we ALL got a service discount when we were able to contract with our own carriers now didn't we? Competition ruled. Now we pay MORE and get less service. My old company was happy to help if you had extra trash or a bulky item. They knew that to serve a customer was to provide service - or I could find another carrier.

Gov't steps in and prices go up, quality goes down. Overflow your can one week - I dare ya! You'll get a note about how you might want to order an extra can for an additional fee.

Capitalism will always rule over Gov't control - this is a prime example.


Daculan 3 years, 10 months ago on Local mom sues Girl Scouts

Remember when the worst part about girl scouts was organizing the cookies?
I agree = tort reform would solve this!


Daculan 3 years, 11 months ago on Commissioners to reopen Briscoe Field privatization process

Wheee-hooo! Bring on free capital to our system!

And sadly, enter the arguments about how the properties around Briscoe will become overnight Mansions if only they can stop this.

The comments will be hot headed and predictable.


Daculan 3 years, 11 months ago on Ga. primary to be March 6

This will not be hard for Georgia - its the other states I worry about. This is Herman Cain country and the man is more than qualified for this! I thought I knew his whole story from the radio and we don't by a long shot! Did you know he was a math wiz and holds an advanced degree in math? His first major exprience was climbing to the top of and IT job. Then he worked the restaurant industry from the ground up being a place keeper while Pillsbury wanted to just write off Godfather's pizza. No one informed Herman and so he put his heart and soul into it and saved the company. Next Pillsbury decided to sell it off and again Herman stepped up to the plate. After that he held a job and the Kansas City Federal reserve learning our nation's banking system. He climbed to the top there too and became the KC Chief (no pun intended!) The only next step higher would be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He went on to radio instead to articulate his position. He is experienced, accomplished and understands how to create jobs and turn an economy around. Lots of us here know this - maybe the other states could use the info too?