Dacula2012 2 years ago on School board plans millage rate hike

When the housing market turns around and prices rebound, they can fund more illegitimate land purchases. There is too much fat in the budget. GCPS should do what the citizens of Gwinnett have had to do through this recession, adapt and overcome. The average taxpayer is not receiving a mandatory wage increase because the cost of living has gone up. I have been to the palace in Suwanee(GCPS HQ) and have seen the bloat and plethora of luxury cars in the parking lot. GCPS has become a jobs program for those that cannot find employment in the private sector. Where else can someone with a liberal arts degree make 100k? Why does a principal need an a/p for every 200 students, graduation coaches, reading coaches, psychologists, and a team of office personnel? It's not for the children. How about instead of increasing the mil rate, let's give every parent a voucher in the amount of per student cost, to use at any private school of their choice.


Dacula2012 2 years, 1 month ago on School board dissects projected $1.7 billion budget

St John Neumann $7020. They have financial aid available. George Walton Academy $8500-$9400. However, they have 100% college acceptance. Hebron Christian Academy $7615-$7850. The price per student at the private schools would be less if they increased class size. Average students in the private school classroom 14 vs public school 30. An ideal situation would be to take the $7600 allocated for your public school child and pay the difference.


Dacula2012 2 years, 1 month ago on Budget proposal includes increased lunch prices, more officers

Public school price per child vs the following; Hebron Christian Academy $7850 Saint John Neumann $7020 George Walton Academy $8850 100percent 4 yr college acceptance Killian Hill Christian $8300-$9050

We should be checking the test scores, graduation rates, and achievements from these students vs GCPS. Then again, the administrators need new luxury cars for their parking lots. It's never about the child.


Dacula2012 2 years, 8 months ago on Planning commission recommends denial on Coolray projects

600 units in such a small area....Did anyone think about the amount of new students for the surrounding schools? How about traffic? Water and sewer usage?

Aside from the immediate over crowding issue, we also have to wonder how many of these units plan to hold section 8 vouchers. Because the single family rental market is doing well, fewer individual landlords(single family) are accepting vouchers. This leaves the apartment complexes to pick up the slack. More and more voucher holders are going to be pushed into apartments as fewer and fewer single family is avail.. In the end we are back to project based style housing. Not sure whether or not the surrounding neighborhoods are ready for this challenge.