CoryLev 2 years, 3 months ago on OUR VIEW: Library system needs new vision

They need to close and consolidate some libraries. Norcross and Peachtree Corners is only 3 miles apart and the library staff sit and stare at their computers most of the day. The only questions they are asked are ""Where is the bathroom?" "Is there a fax machine?" "Do you notarize?" and "Why don't you have my summer reading titles?"


CoryLev 2 years, 7 months ago on New library hours not result of new spending

This coming from a library system that banned "Fifty Shades of Grey". Card catalogues have been long replaced with computers and search engines; and it's time to replace some of the directors that have been there as long as the card catalogues. Get library directors that reflect what the public wants and needs NOT what they feel we should be reading.


CoryLev 2 years, 10 months ago on Library budget cut 'harsh,' board members say

Why was so much money poured into renovated the Five Forks Library?? Should money be used FIRST to extend the library hours and buy materials. Now there is a sort of nice looking library with fairly bare shelves, and staff that stays in their offices most of the day. Library DVD borrowing has fallen sharply during the past year as library users are moving toward streaming services for both music and movies. A FACT from Library Journal July 2012 issue. People and teens are even saying the library "is less important to them". I wonder if the library directors read any of these issues? With libraries continuously facing strains on their budgets, they NEED to think out of the box. Why are there only book sales online and not in the library? I went to a library in S. Carolina where my cousin works and they have used book sales 4-5 times a year pulling in 1,000 and more for kid's events each time. And how much money and time is wasted by allowing out-of-county residents use the computers?? the libraries should strictly be used for Gwinnett county residents or a person needs to buy an out-of-county library card to even use the computer. Stop this nonsense of free computer passes! Many libraries do this around the country and it is about time it is done here also.