CoachT 3 years, 4 months ago

7.3 million and the football field got no improvements at all. The goal posts are still crooked, The kids still stand in raw sewage on the sidelines and there are hardly enough stands for parents to sit down on game day. But there are nice new shiny soccer fields that we spent a fortune on. Meanwhile Mill Creek has a nice artificial turf field. Hmmm.


CoachT 3 years, 3 months ago

I am a rarity here in Gwinnett county these days, I have lived here my entire life. I consider myself a good southern boy and I like Coke. I do not worship Coke it's just that I do not like Pepsi. It is just too sweet and those people who claim they can't tell the difference well, I can. If I choose to go to the Gwinnett Arena for an event I will not purchase any soft drinks at all for me or my family. I'm sorry if this hurts the fund raising efforts of the many local civic groups who work at the arena but I will not buy a product that I do not like or support. I also feel that the person who made this deal with Pepsi is probably not a native Atlantan or they would have known about the ruckus they were going to cause with this. Bottom line, Atlanta is a Coke town. If you don't like it then, Delta is ready when you are.


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