CitizenX 3 years ago on Law expert critical of commissioners' actions with airport proposals

So even though the majority of people in the County are against it, the "Bannister three" decide that they know better and push it ahead. How about a vote from the citizens before you make another mistake like you did with the trash plan?


CitizenX 3 years ago on CitizenX

Seriously, good for you Suwanee? Since when does "preserving" your small town community include changing the rules in an "emergency" meeting just to stop a Catholic school from coming to the city? The zoning ordinance allowed for a school and the City didn't want that to happen so they changed their ordinance in a shady meeting. Since when is it fair to treat churches different from any other organization or business? Good for you Suwanee for getting what you deserve. $1.8 million wasn't enough for your scheming, two-faced selves. And it is a Federal statute, not the County, that stood up for the Church,Judy.