CitizenX 3 years, 1 month ago

Seriously, good for you Suwanee? Since when does "preserving" your small town community include changing the rules in an "emergency" meeting just to stop a Catholic school from coming to the city? The zoning ordinance allowed for a school and the City didn't want that to happen so they changed their ordinance in a shady meeting. Since when is it fair to treat churches different from any other organization or business? Good for you Suwanee for getting what you deserve. $1.8 million wasn't enough for your scheming, two-faced selves. And it is a Federal statute, not the County, that stood up for the Church,Judy.


CitizenX 2 years, 3 months ago

I find it interesting that this "historic" barn was owned by a family that is tied to the Nash family...wonder if the County looked at any other "historic" barns in the county or is it yet again another example of the buddy system that we saw with Bannister.


CitizenX 1 year, 9 months ago

Just a little confused....if the county doesn't have as much area to serve (911, police,etc) then shouldn't it cost us less to maintain what we have? Math anyone? If I own 100 acres, my property tax will be higher than if I own 1 acre. Since the county doesn't patrol the cities or respond to 911 in most cities, shouldn't it cost us less? Oh wait, we still to pay for the police that don't patrol the cities anymore, right? And how exactly are water and sewer rates going up as a result of losing the city lawsuit? Don't they still need water and sewer service? Trash rates go up because cities get to chose their trash service, so we carry the load instead of cutting costs? Gee thanks.


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