CitizenSally 2 years, 10 months ago on School district gives workers one-time pay boost

If you give a mouse a cookie. . . . . In response to Ms. Daisy, I guess Dr. Davis' preferential treatment goes to everyone since all of GCPS is receiving the pay. The system did not have to do this. But I for one appreciate the fact that instead of two furlough days of pay being deducted I will get one day of pay back. I also recognize that we are much better off then many of the other school systems and I am grateful for the money management. But this is also a result of an increase in Gwinnett revenue and this to me is a good sign for GCPS, Gwinnett County and hopefully the economy. So please continue to spend your dollars in Gwinnett, support your local school system. I appreciate the effort to respond to the needs of the employees in Gwinnett.