ChristineMcGee 1 year, 5 months ago on GOP Rep. Woodall wins 2nd term in US House

Nelson711-I agree fully with you and think it is a shame people don't even care enough to find out what they are missing when they cast their vote because of party, not representation. Reilly held 95,000 plus of the district vote, and you would think Woodall might think about not being an overwhelming favorite, but that won't happen either-he is a career politician in it for all the wrong reasons. Ignorance.


ChristineMcGee 1 year, 5 months ago on Attorney seeks Woodall's seat in Congress District 7

What does Rob Woodall know about American families or the business owners and what we want? He has never raised a family and has no business experience-he is a career politician full of rhetoric! We need someone like Steve Reilly-he is from the district, is raising a family in the district and is running a business in the district! Easy choice!