CapnMack 2 years, 6 months ago on Library budget cut 'harsh,' board members say

It's a big squishy balloon: You lose a good chunk of your tax digest and you must reallocate things. But if you let things go, the very thing you wanted in the first place (an overall good quality of life) is at stake. Let those players make their decisions, nobody will be happy with them, that's the nature of it. What I'll be waiting for is the investigation by the SEC on those who caused the whole mess which caused this whole mess which of course which will cause the NEXT whole mess. Nobody wants to answer those questions, because they are politically unpleasant. The "buck" must stop somewhere, and that, my friends, is right here.


CapnMack 2 years, 10 months ago on More Gwinnett students master college-level work

I hate to ever be the contrarian, but maybe this is part of our current educational "problem". Is it the mission of the school system to provide COLLEGE LEVEL education to high school students? Why are we doing this, aren't there plenty of colleges around? Why don't we eject these "ready for prime-time" students and let them move on to fulfill their expectations ON SOMEBODY ELSE'S DIME.

We have plenty of people who need teacher attention (or maybe two) to be successful at the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL. Teachers should be penalized for teaching these EASY and SUCCESSFUL students, how difficult is this? Pay them a premium for doing the DIFFICULT things WELL.

If AP-class high school students can't get into UGA, they can go into the community college ranks and make it easier for their parents to afford half of their school costs. It's always the "law of unintended consequences" that causes the problems. Just because YOUR son or daughter is an AP student you think that's an entitlement. Good work! Now move along.

I await your storm of angry protest with the attendant poorly worded vitriol.


CapnMack 3 years, 3 months ago on CapnMack

Parents, morons! They don't even follow the rules that pertain to THEM, much less their kids! Don't penalize the kids, don't make me pay extra property taxes, I have no kids in school! I think I'm running for school board just to get my money's worth...

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