CONCERNEDGCC 3 years, 9 months ago on Police defend teen shooting amid questions from neighbors, caretaker

There was no cause to use "extreme, excessive" force. Were these rookies. The department is trying to cover their behind big time. This was unnecessary. Did they both need to unload their weapons on this kids. Racist! They knew from the dispatch that this was a mentally disturbed kid. Were they not trained properly? Cops are supposed to be trained to handle situations like this. This kid looked all of 10 and was small for his age. Yes he jumped off the porch and proceeded toward them but definitely not at full sprint but WALKING. Why did bullet hit the counselors car which was so close to the house and near the porch. Seems like they started shooting the minute he jumped off the porch and hit him as he proceeded to walk toward them. What a bunch of cowards...get these losers off the street, they are trigger happy! What happened to the third officer, wonder why they are not mentioning him. It was actually three cops. The home was also not DESTROYED. Why don't you go inside and take a look, there are no cuts in the door; home was not torn up at ALL. Bedroom door was definitely not "Hacked". What liers esp. RITTERS really trying to cover up for his teams mess up and yes what a mess! Thank goodness she has good neighbors that looks out and knows what things were really like. No justification in the excessive force used, no way to get out of this one. Also why did officers leave the body lying on the ground for 15 minutes before even attempting to revive this young man...too many witnesses to validate this. Just so unnecessary!