CB3 3 years, 5 months ago on North falls to Rodrigo, Hillgrove 56-61

Don’t hang that head…..hold it high as you had a great year and you should be proud of the way you played the game this year and you represented North Gwinnett with class and dignity. I’d like to congratulate the Coaches and the players on an awesome season! To the Seniors….take the wonderful memories from this year with you everywhere you can, nobody can ever take those away. To the players returning…..let the sting of this loss fuel your fire and come back next year stronger than ever!!! I’m proud of you Lady Dawgs!!!


CB3 3 years, 6 months ago on WILL'S WORLD: Technical call on Milton star a big mistake

I think it was a terrible call and I mean TERRIBLE!!!! I saw the video and there wasn’t nothing done to warrant a T…..and from what I hear the first T was garbage too and BTW….I’m a North fan I so wanted them to win that game but I feel sorry for the kid that he won’t get to play in his final two H.S. Basketball games. That ref should be fined…again I say….TERRIBLE call!!!!


CB3 3 years, 7 months ago on WILL'S WORLD: Daniel leaves huge void at Buford

Ryan Daniel was a very dear friend of mine and like you said in the post, he would do anything for anybody and had a BIG…..BIG heart which is sad because even though his physical heart is what failed him this morning his heart is what most people will remember him by. He had a great smile and he showed it often. He had a great competitive fire in his belly and the kids that he coached and people (like me) who were honored to get to play with him saw it. He just didn’t talk about it….he WAS about it. But speaking of talk R.D. had some good talk in him as he was always giving out positive hard working messages and most of the time they were quick witted and they made complete sense. I am a part of the “Early Risers Club” that plays basketball up at Buford and we’ve been doing this for many years now but it will never be the same without RD out there running with us. He would give it his all and dive on the floor for the ball and that is one of the MANY reasons I loved RD. It pains me to think that I’ll never see his smiling face again (at least not in this world) but I will be high-fiving him in Heaven one day. I love you RD and you have left a tremendous legacy at Buford and the true measure of a man is how he effects the life of others in a positive way and I’m not sure you can even count that high because you RD touched so many lives and I can personally say that my life was better……..knowing that you were in it! Sink them hips and drive ‘em off the ball one last time RD!!!! I love you man and I will miss you dearly!!!