BruceFowler 2 years, 8 months ago on Officials react to lawmaker's idea to arm principals

For every accidental gun injury in this country there are 10 instances where guns have saved a life, or stopped a crime. Expand your new past CNN.


BruceFowler 2 years, 8 months ago on BruceFowler

I think it is a great idea to ALLOW school administrators to carry concealed weapons. Nowhere do I see the proposal requiring administrators to carry. If the school administration in Newtown had been armed that tragedy would not have happened. The perpetrator would not have even tried. People like that prey on the weak and if there had been the slightest possibility he would have been shot before his rampage, he would not have attempted it. If a school does not have administrators willing to carry weapons, then I think it would be worth the extra tax money to hire resource officers to do the job. Per school it's not going to be that much money, and it will be money well spent. No gun laws on earth will be more effective at stopping this violence than this simple action. Gun grabbers who think otherwise are absolutely silly, and seem to have a very low aptitude for critical thought.