Braveshopr 1 year, 4 months ago on Chamber passes immigration resolution

Our current system is not serving the interests of our economy, businesses or our society," said Jann Moore, vice president of public policy at the Gwinnett Chamber. "

The word 'society' was meant to refer to Ga.s wealthy.

.."Focusing on creating and retaining high-wage jobs in the Gwinnett and metro Atlanta area." Please. Who is this person? There aren't enough jobs to serve Gwinnett citizens already..


Braveshopr 1 year, 11 months ago on Sheriff's deputy faces DUI charge after wreck

Agree with your statement "a police car parked in a neighborhood helps lower the crime rate there. "

There is one where I live, I definitely feel safer.


Braveshopr 2 years ago on Some illegal immigrants can get driver's license

You're representatives, including Deal, don't care a hoot what any of you think, or what YOU think is right or wrong.

Follow the money.

While you and your neighbor may pay taxes for the benefit of illegals, the boys could care less. They are looking at the revenue generated by low wages, and businesses, -Asian, Latino, black or white, it's all green to them.


Braveshopr 2 years ago on Audit raises questions about Atlanta mail facility

"First-class mail volume, which has fallen 25 percent since 2006, is projected to drop another 30 percent by 2016."

That may be so, but all the second-class mail we're being hounded with certainly should make up for it.


Braveshopr 2 years ago on Balfour to pay $5,000 to settle ethics case

"So far, the accusations have not hurt Balfour politically. He easily defeated two Republican challengers"


If the people keep voting him in, either they are too stupid to know better or they simply don't care. If you continue to elect scammers, don't be surprised if he/she puts the screws to you.

Electing someone with no scruples also sends a message to the rest of the flock - they can do the same.

" ..and for failing to monitor the expenses filed by fellow lawmakers." Good thing he wasn't elected to be a traffic control monitor.


Braveshopr 2 years, 1 month ago on Cops: Illegal dentist office uncovered in Norcross trailer

Like all other political animals, Romney will say exactly what his base wants him to say. He will not build a fence, (not unless the airline lobbyists give him something in return).


Braveshopr 2 years, 1 month ago on Cops: Illegal dentist office uncovered in Norcross trailer

The immigration laws are there to appease us, the angry voters, that's all the good they've done. Latinos are buying apartment complexes and renting to other Latinos that can't get into regular apartments. There is a way around everything.


Braveshopr 2 years, 1 month ago on Cops: Illegal dentist office uncovered in Norcross trailer

I hardly doubt patients were going there for a toothache. When I see an illegal alien driving a Cadillac Escalade loaded up with boxes of food from a local food pantry, the picture is worth a thousand words.

Her patients were too cheap to pay for a real dentist. They're inured with getting everything on the cheap (or free). If she had names and addresses of her patients, I hope the police use it to their full advantage.